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Our Drivers are the Best!

September 14, 2020


There are 3.5 million truck drivers in the United States and the top 55 drive for

Cowen Truck Line

Thank you, Cowen drivers, for your hard work in tackling one of our economy’s most demanding and important jobs. We thank you for performing your jobs with safety and efficiency.  Without you, the safe delivery of life’s essentials to every home, community, school, hospital and business in the United States would be impossible.  Your contributions during this challenging time in our country’s history have far exceeded expectations.  You have been flexible and understanding in the face of constant change.  You have proven WHY the trucking industry is an ESSENTIAL business.   At no other time in the history of Cowen Truck Line have your commitment, personal service and professionalism been so important.  Working together, we are confident Cowen Truck Line will continue to serve our customers with excellence well in to the future.


We are a company full of extraordinary people doing phenomenal jobs day in and day out. 

Cowen Truck Line is  successful:

¨   because of your commitment to quality

¨   the personal service you give our customers every day

¨   your positive attitude, and your professionalism

We value your service every day of every year, and we take this special week to thank you for the job you do so well.  As professional drivers, you are second to none.

Sincere thanks for all you do.

 A closer look at Cowen Truck Line:

  • Cowen Truck Line has 7 drivers who have been finalists for the Ohio Trucking Association Driver of the Year
  • Cowen Truck Line has 10 drivers who have been members of TEAM NASTC (National Association of Small Trucking Companies)
  • 70 drivers have accumulated 1 million miles
  • 17 drivers have accumulated 2 million miles
  • 9 drivers have accumulated 3 million miles
  • 5 drivers have accumulated 4 million miles
  • 1 driver has accumulated 5 million miles
  • 1 driver has accumulated 6 million miles
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