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Looking for a truck driving job? Here are 5 things to consider

May 11, 2018 0 comments

Whether you've just got your CDL or have been driving for years, there may come a point when you're looking for a new truck driving job.  How do you know which job is a good fit for you?  Consider these 5 things when you're looking.

Pay - Almost every driver will say the pay is the most important thing to them. So find out exactly what you get paid for. How much per stop? How much for detention time? What is your base pay? How much are you paid per mile? Are you paid for hub-miles or practical miles?

Company size - You need to decide what type of trucking company works best for you. Do you want to work for a local or national company? Mega-carriers will provide more driver training for younger drivers and may have higher pay than a regional carrier. How much driving experience you have will determine who will hire you. Some smaller carriers want a few years of experience out-of-school before they will consider you.

Culture - How well you fit within any company's culture makes a huge difference in job satisfaction. Find out what the company values. Does this company have an adequate safety program? Does management welcome input and feedback from drivers or is it always one-way communication? Do other drivers at the company get along with their dispatchers? How does the company recognize important driver milestones?

Equipment - When it comes right down to it, your truck is where you will spend a majority of your time. To many over-the-road drivers, it's their home away from home. How well does the company maintain their trucks and trailers? Driving equipment that isn't maintained regularly and breaks down will not only make you frustrated, you're also going to have some upset customers due to late deliveries. Do you have an assigned truck or are you given what's available at the time?

Parking - As ELDs have taken effect, finding safe overnight parking has become more important than ever. Will the company pay or reimburse you for reserving a spot at the travel plaza? Knowing you have a safe place to park and your company is looking out for you is important.


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